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TOURING: Willkommen



1. Planning

Being organized is the most important part while being on tour. Not only a proper equipment setup but also communication with venues and logistics are besides many other things fundamentals for a great show.

Anyways! With the right plan and years of experience, one can prepare for almost every possible quest in advance.
This step makes sure that you´ll have a great time on- and off stage and the opportunity to focus on your performance without caring about anything else.


2. Transportation

Those who have already been on the road know how important a comfortable and save trip is for a good feeling on stage. That´s why there is a fancy new van with trailer on the Equipment list.

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3. Executing Shows

You can call them extra bandmember, your best friend, the connection between the artist and the crowd, or just simply the soundguy. It doesn´t matter. A passionate and competent sound engineer mixing your shows over and over again knowing how to transport your music and feelings to your fans is priceless and a very important piece for your success.

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4. Trouble Shooting

There should´t be any problems on a well organized tour.

But if....

...knowing to have your friendly neighbourhood roadie finding the right solution for in a minimum amount of time sounds realxing. Doesn´t it?

TOURING: Dienstleistungen
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