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Four steps to a successful Tour


1. Planning

Being organized in is the most important part while being on tour. A proper equipment setup, communication with venues or financial calculations for the best deal. The list is long.

Anyways! With the right plan and years of experience, one can prepare for almost every possible issue in advance.
This step makes sure that you´ll have a great time on- and off stage and the chance to focus 100% on your performance.


2. Transportation

Those who have already been on the road know how important a comfortable trip is for a good feeling on stage. That´s why there is a fancy new van on ONTHEROAD´s equipment list.

Ford Tourneo Custom 2019

170 HP - Automatic Gear - 8 Seats - 1 meter Trunk - Trailer Hitch

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3. Executing Shows

You can call them extra bandmember, you best friend, the connection between you and the crowd, or just the soundguy. It doesn´t matter. A passionate and competent sound engineer mixing you over and over again knows how to transport your music and feelings to your fans.

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4. Trouble Shooting

There should´t be any problems on a well organized tour. But if something is not in the right place it´s always good having your friendly neighbourhood roadie finding the right solution.